Jumbo Puzzle Mates Portapuzzle Pro Explanation English

Jerry Waxman
Jerry Waxman
19 May 2021

Portapuzzle Pro is the ultimate multi-functional puzzle accessory The puzzle board with a unique lining can be lifted out of the Portapuzzle When the Portapuzzle Pro's flat exterior is folded over it creates a tilted work surface that the puzzle board can be rested on -- creating an angled set up for easier more comfortable puzzling The Portapuzzle Pro includes four sorting trays that can be taken out if preferred It has a smooth exterior that can be easily wiped clean and also includes an easy-to-carry handle for puzzlers to use when transporting their incomplete puzzles To help puzzlers view the box image of the jigsaw they are enjoying while they puzzle there is a specially designed box clip that can be attached to the box lid of the puzzle and the Portapuzzle Pro The Portapuzzle Pro is suitable for puzzles up to the standard size of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 68 x 49 cm

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