Six Tongan Castaways in Ata Island OLD DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL 7

Jerry Waxman
Jerry Waxman
19 Apr 2021

This is the old documentary from 1966 about the real Lord of the Flies The six castaway boys surviving on Ata Island in Tonga Channel 7 in Australia The story of the Ata castaways reminds us of the real Lord of the Flies These 6 kids stayed 15 on this Tongan for 15 months This documentary was recorded a few days after their rescue The six boys came back to the island with Peter Warner and the TV crew But before that they went to meet their families again and recorded their reunion after 15 months stranded on the desert island This real Lord of the Flies story is a fascinating adventure about survival The castaway explorer Alvaro Cerezo spent 10 days on Ata island with Kolo Fekitoa one of the six teenage castaways That happened in 2015 They both lived there all alone and survived from coconuts fish and seabirds and drank rain water They lived exactly as the boys did back in 1965 In summer 2020 Cerezo is launching a documentary of his experience with Kolo and a book describing in detail the 15 month ordeal of the Tongan castaways A teaser of the documentary has been already published on Youtube We have got all the rights from Bowman Studio in Australia to use these footages of the real Lord of he Flies Special thanks to Cheyenne Morrison for letting Alvaro know years ago about this remarkable castaway story

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